Photo of Parnell Quinn

Parnell Quinn

Commercial Broker | Commercial Team

Originally from Denver, Parnell’s family started vacationing in Grand County in the early 1970s. Up for a Christmas vacation in 1979…or so the kids thought…on Christmas morning his parents asked them if they liked the house we were staying in. The four of them said “yes” and the next thing he knew, the moving truck pulled into the driveway and they were home!

Parnell attended Middle Park High School and wasn’t too far from home when he went to college in Durango. But shortly after graduation he headed to Japan. After a year there, he came back to Fraser and started working with his dad in his real estate office.

In 1994, he put on his backpack again and this time headed to Australia. He got word that his older brother was getting married and came back for the wedding. Driving over the pass and seeing the Fraser Valley, he knew he was home…for good.

He said, “When we were kids, we used to joke that the Fraser Valley is like the song Hotel California, ‘You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave’.”

Parnell has raised his three children here. He chose to get involved with the Fraser Town Government because after living here for all but 10 years of his life, he felt a calling to help guide the community’s future so that his children and their children will continue to call Fraser their hometown.