Grand County has a big problem. There are many people who would like to own a home here, but the housing inventory is exceptionally low. There is plenty of LAND – but very few houses for sale.

If you’re thinking, “I’ll just build”, there’s an option you might not have thought about: a modular home.

Gone are the days of modular home with boxy, uninspiring designs and low-quality finishes. There is a multitude of companies offering homes that are better, cheaper, and faster than we’ve seen in the past. Plus, your budget is fixed so it can be safer on your wallet.

You can even get a custom modular home designed with site-specific designs and full construction drawings. You can get pre-cut materials labeled for a quick assembly with little waste. And the needed materials are delivered directly to your building site.

In an environment like Grand County, modulars may make even more sense since stick-built structures (i.e. traditional homes built from the ground up using lumber) are more vulnerable to seasonal weather complications and availability of workers. With modular units, part of the building is already complete so your construction laborers have less to do and therefore will be onsite for less time.

Additionally, prefabs today are highly energy efficient. Another big win for the mountain climate Grand County offers.

Parnell Quinn, a local realtor in Grand County, has experience with this type of building. “Clients have discovered that today’s modular homes are not what they once were. Many high-end customers are buying beautiful lots, bringing in a modular home, and realizing their dream mountain home for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, those who already own homes needing extensive work are opting to scrape them and assembling kit homes quickly and affordably.”

One such project was recently done by Michael Ziegler, a Denver architect. Faced with a small building parcel, he designed a beautiful, stacked modular unit that took advantage of a small lot size with incredible views.

While prefab building might sound great, you do need to know there may be restrictions and problems associated with your build. On many Grand County lots, you will still need to install a septic system, have a well dug, etc. Getting hooked up to utilities might cause you some heartburn, too. To be fair, you would need to do all this stuff from a traditional build as well.

Just know that there are general contractors – and even some prefab manufacturers –you can hire to help you through these details.