How to Bring Life to a Windowless Room

window looking out into nature

They say you never know what you had till it’s gone and that is especially true with windows. When working with a windowless room you really start to realize how much natural lighting does for space in terms of vibrance and openness. That’s why we’ve reached out to the experts from Sacramento to Miami to help you bring life to your windowless room. So sit back and enjoy these pro tips.

Maximize the space you have

Windowless rooms are often also small rooms. Bringing a small, windowless room to life starts with finding ways to maximize the space and make it feel bigger. By elevating your bed off the ground with a high-quality loft bed, you can open up a significant amount of space and create an environment under the bed that is cozy and inviting. This makes the entire room feel more airy and approachable, and the extra space beneath the bed frame can be lit in myriad ways depending on how you want to utilize it. – Ryan Francis, Co-Founder of Francis Lofts & Bunks

Keep it light and bright

My advice on a windowless room would be first starting with bright wall colors and strong lighting. Secondly, you want to space your furniture and not cramp everything together. Lastly, adding decors such as a plant makes a huge difference. The plant will bring out bright colors, a lively environment, and great oxygen for the air. – Total Office Furniture 

Electronicshub recommends choosing LED bulbs (with 1,100 to 1,600-lumen count) over incandescent bulbs because they have a bluish color temperature similar to natural daylight. In addition to that, add hidden LED strip lights to elevate various décor aspects of the room. Installing a mirror or mirrored furniture will also reflect the light and create the illusion of natural bright light in a windowless room. – Electronics Hub

Keeping things light and using neutral tones is a good start in brightening a windowless bedroom. A matching set of bedroom furniture in a light wood, from brands like Kincaid and Durham, will make the room feel bigger. Pair a dresser with a large mirror and some well-placed accents with pops of color, add a transom window over the door, and soon a dark, windowless room is bright, cozy and relaxing. – Flemington Department Store

Plan your lighting design

Having a well-planned lighting design can be a great way to bring some solar sensation to the room. LED lights can be a great ally when chosen in the appropriate quantity and color, and it is also an economical and durable option. You can vary between recessed ceiling lights, wall washers, and table or floor lamps with softer bulbs to complement the space and give that comfortable full of life feeling. – Zehana

Mirrors are a must

In a windowless room, just a few simple elements are key. Large mirrors are a must, along with plenty of light fixtures. Don’t forget to add pops of interest with artwork and be sure to keep wall colors soft and airy. Furniture scale is important too! Don’t overdo it with large pieces, and suddenly your windowless space can feel like a sanctuary! – Alexis Parent Interiors

Incorporate your favorite artwork

Art is the period at the end of the sentence when designing a room. It takes you places and evokes emotions that can transform a windowless room into a wonderland. As a gallery owner, I hear the same sentence over and over again ” I do not know art but I know what I like.” I tell my clients that what you like is who you are and that is what should grace your walls. Go with your HeART FIRST. – Jessel Gallery

The best way to bring a windowless room to life is through art. Choose something bright and vibrant like a colorful impressionistic landscape to help your room feel lively and inviting. – Lucy Reiser

Choose complimentary furnishings

Firstly, with a large white sofa, you can make the wall look taller, wider and a bit brighter. Secondly, without windows, you’re forced to create your own light, so don’t be afraid to go overboard with lamps. Thirdly, another trick to make it look brighter is adding a mirror. Finally, plants give life to your space, so placing a few around your room will help make the area feel more alive. – DLaguna

Using Lucite pieces creates the feeling of openness and added visual space. Lucite, paired with light colors, will keep the space feeling airy and ethereal. Plus, brighten up any room with some carefully placed mirrors and lighting fixtures to bounce the light around in the space! – Taryn Bernard, ModShop

Try Light Reflective Paint

When dealing with a windowless room, start with a high LRV (light reflective value) paint – the higher, the better. It will immediately lighten up the room. Then, install a modern and simple ceiling light along with a lamp on the night table(s) to brighten things up. Adding a hanging or standing mirror in the room will bounce more of the light around the room, giving the room a larger effect. Remember to keep the space as uncluttered as possible. A bed, a simple clothing chest, and a night table on each side of the bed are all that’s necessary. – The Simple Life Realty

Embrace the enclosure

A windowless room can make you feel like you’re suffocating. But there are ways around this! Instead of fighting the space – embrace the enclosure. Take this opportunity to turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary. Without a window, there’s no need for blackout curtains! Since you might be missing the natural light, take a look at some of the products that can help replace it. Place natural (warm but bright) lights on the ceiling instead of using floor or table lamps to help open the space and mimic natural sunlight. In a location of your choosing, mimic a window by hanging a tapestry, curtain, or flowing fabrics to center your attention as you walk in. Finally, bring in some greenery! If you don’t have plants that can survive well without natural light, invest in some fake vines to hang from ceiling to floor. – JobGet, Inc.

Include reflective decor

In a windowless bedroom incorporate some reflective decor. Through the use of mirrors and metallic surfaces, you can bounce lighting around the room and make it appear brighter. – SWFL Lifestyle and Real Estate

A window invites light and space into a room, but isn’t the only way to achieve these qualities; opt for mirrors instead of wall art when possible to give the illusion of more space while amplifying the light in the room. Another great trick is to paint an accent wall in 2-3 shades lighter of the same color as the rest of the room. This adds dimensionality to the space while allowing the eye to read the room as cohesive. – Thoughtful Misfit

Get creative with how you utilize your space

Instead of fighting the design of a windowless room, use it to focus on hobbies, crafts, or other projects that need their own space. Installing a 5pc Complete Storage Cabinet Set, with plenty of storage and a durable working surface, is a perfect foundation. Add a happy light overhead for a sunny mood while you are creating and don’t forget to bring your favorite music. – Flow Wall

Consider adding an egression

The first way to bring life to a room is to bring light into the room by adding a window, skylight, or ceiling window. Not only does it allow natural sunlight to pour into the room, it increases the value of your home and rental potential by meeting the International Residential Code (IRC) requirement that a room has two egresses or ways to reach the outside including one window, to be considered a bedroom. – Fine Furniture LA

Originally published on Redfin