GREAT Reasons to Sell a Home (or Buy!) During the Holidays

Christmas gingerbread house, lantern and candle on old wooden table.

Many people consider buying or selling a home during the ho-ho-holidays a no-no-no!  Sure, your schedule is hectic and you might think that you can’t fit in one more thing…but there are some very good reasons to look for a property – or – list your home at this time of year.


Right now here are less homes on the market (they must have heard the same thing you did!). You are more likely to have serious buyers because of this fact. A buyer’s market can become a seller’s market around the holidays!

Plus there are other great reasons to list your home RIGHT NOW!


Because of the comfy, “home for the holidays” feeling, buyers seem to be more emotional at this time of year.  At this time of the year the town is alive with activities, the lights are twinkling in the store windows, people smile and say “hi” to strangers on the street. Buyers are likely to spend more to own their portion of that festive feeling.  


Since we live in a resort area, the town is full of “wouldn’t it be great to be able to live here” shoppers. Many of these people are from out-of-town and are usually motivated to move quickly.   Couple this with the fact that fewer people are trying to get loan approvals, inspections, etc. and you’ll save time getting to the closing table.


Browsers are a waste of time.  People busy with the holiday hustle and bustle don’t fill idle hours with home browsing.

When a couple is shopping for a home, condo, investment property or townhouse during the holidays, they are often giving up valuable vacation time, or time with family and friends.  These people are probably very serious about buying and are more likely to make an offer quickly.


Just as there are benefits to sellers to list their home at this time of year, buyers get some pretty good incentives to shop now, too.

There are great reasons for you to buy RIGHT NOW!


Buying a home comes with important tax benefits…and if you buy in December you get the same benefits as if you had purchased a home and used your money months earlier.  Ask a real estate agent or tax adviser how this might work for you. Plus remember, owning a home in a resort town gives you options for rental income, too!


Just like there are less homes on the market – there are less people looking for homes.  Remember those buyer-horror stories about having to spend thousands over asking price to seal a deal?  Chances are you won’t have those problems at this time of year.


Many buyers fall in love with our way of life while they are here in our “winter playground” so property searchers will be happy to know they can get into the place of their dreams with plenty of time to still enjoy all that owning in Grand County has to offer in the winter months.  Inspectors, title companies – even realtors – have more time to help, advise and get you into your new place fast.