How changing your home’s entrance can change everything

Mom probably told you that you don’t get a second chance to make a good impression…

What you might not have known back then was that she might have been talking about your home’s front door!

A “right on” home entrance can help announce what’s to come; it can set the mood, and can also give you that forever discussed curb appeal. 

Plus, it’s a good investment whether you’re thinking of selling your home or just updating it to make it more “you”. Wise investors look for a high ROI on every home project they do. A front entrance done right can yield a 100% return on your money. But where do you start? Here are some ideas – from easy, cheap, and fast to dramatic, inspired changes.


Talk about an easy, fast update! Paint can make the difference between boring and BRILLIANT! 2020 has seen trends in everything from spring green to bright blues…but know that the red front door seems to be taking a break for now.

Sideline those sidelights

If your current door has double sidelights, think about taking those out and rock a new double door. It makes your home look bigger and more inviting.

But remember proportions…the bigger the home, the bigger the doors can be.


Love the sidelights? You might not need BOTH of them. A front door with one large window-light sidelight gives a modern, open look. Need some help and inspiration on choosing sidelights, check out Brick & Batten’s web page, 10 Rules to Follow When Choosing Sidelights for Your Door

 Look up

Adding a transom (a window over the door frame) adds height and beauty. Not every home can pull it off, but if you have the height above your door, it definitely adds charm and has an impact!

Gable it

Gables and awnings add depth and interest to the front of a home. It not only will keep you drier when you open the door, but the architectural interest is dramatically increased.

Buy New

If what you have is not what you want…and the above ideas just won’t cut it, why not purchase a new door? But don’t settle for any old hardware store metal door. 

Designers are opting for iron doors with interesting patterns, beautiful natural wood with glass/stained glass panes, and even fun and functional dutch doors. But before you choose, know that the wood doors require some maintenance, so think about that, too.

Don’t think you can do it alone? offers a virtual design service that provides creative ideas and guidance to those who want to give their home’s exterior a cosmetic update. Using a photo of your house, they can design a fresh new look and create a computer rendering of your home’s potential. They will also provide you with a detailed resource list so that you get information on the latest and greatest products.